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Facts and Figures You Should Know About Championship League Penalties

If you ever watched the UEFA Championship League, you’ll know how fast paced every game goes. You’ll also know that every game has had its fair share of penalties awarded to almost every team. But have you ever wondered just how many penalties have been awarded over the years?

You’re in luck! Here are the fact and figures for you.

Total Penalties

Overall, a total of 631 penalties have been awarded during the UEFA Champions League with 488 scored, 39 missed, and 103 saved.

Most Converted Penalties in One Night

A total of 8 penalties were converted in one night on matchday three for 5 games on 21/10/2014.

Most Converted Penalties in One Matchday

A total of 10 penalties were converted in one night on matchday three for 7 games on 29/10/2010.

Most Penalties in One Game Season

A total of 34 penalties during 2000/01 game season is the highest ever recorded score followed by 33 penalties during game seasons 1999/2000 and 2016/17.

Take note that in game season-es 1999/2000 and 2000/01, there was a second group stage with an overall of 157 game matches. In 2003/04, the current format of 125 games per game season was introduced.

Clubs with Most Penalties Awarded

Barcelona and Real Madrid top the list with 42 awarded penalties each followed by Bayern (38), Manchester United (27), and Arsenal (26).

Clubs with Best Conversion Rate Percentage with Minimum of 10 Penalties

Juventus and Valencia top the list with 91% conversion rate each followed by AC Milan (89%), Real Madrid (83%), and Chelsea (81%).

Clubs with Most Conceded Penalties

Real Madrid and Arsenal are tied at 23 each. The other clubs with most conceded penalties are Bayern (22), Olympiacos (18), and Barcelona (17).

Clubs with Most Shoot-Out Wins for Penalties

Bayern München, Liverpool, and Atlético Madrid are tied at 2 each.

Clubs with Most Shoot-Out Defeats for Penalties

Chelsea and Lyon are tied at 2 each.

It’s nice to know about these facts and figures that are generally overlooked by some football fans, right? Now that you are aware, you can wow your friends with the information the next time you gather together to watch your favorite team play.