Hey fellow football fans! I’m so happy to see that you found an interest in visiting my blog, Football Goal, out of the hundreds…or more accurately, thousands of sports blogs dedicated to the awesome game of Football!

And I’m not talking about American football (although that’s an awesome game as well), instead I am talking about good old European football, which Americans like to call “soccer”.

Before I forget, let me introduce myself. My name is Regina Hackman and yes, I am a female but don’t let my gender deter you from becoming a regular blog visitor or subscriber. I guarantee you that I am as much of a football fan as you are.

I know my blog will be available for anyone with access to the world wide web to read, which is why although I am focusing primarily on European football, I will also be posting articles that American soccer fans will be interested in.

Just like winning a goal in football is a team effort, Football Goal’s success as a blog will rely on the opinions, feedback, and discussions of its readership. I’ll be the “coach” and you’ll be one of the “players” that basically makes it a “team” effort. Sounds good right?

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