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3 Best European Football Games for Android Phones 2018

Have you ever wondered how it felt like being a player in one of the world’s most popular sports? As a loyal follower, I’ve often wondered about this myself.

Good thing that there game developers have created video games for android phones that everyday people, like you and me, can download and have fun without breaking a sweat. Here are my top 3 picks in no particular order.

Final Kick 2018

You get an arcade feel with this simple European football game. You can play shootout a number of times to attempt and score a goal. The game has a pretty decent graphic interface with offline tournaments, weekly tournaments, and simple controls.

If you love multiplayer games, Final Kick 2018 also has an online multiplayer game where you can compete with other online gamers. The game is as simple as it gets plus it’s free to download. Just perfect if you want to while away some time instead of getting bored.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

A mobile game with great graphics interface. You also get to experience the thrill of an actual football game from managing the team to controlling the players. Online multiplayer is also available, so you get to compete with other online gamers as well.

You have the option to choose between the standard button-based controls or the mobile specific gesture-based controls depending on your playing preference. It is also free to download onto your android phone.

Football Manager Mobile 2018

A simulation game that has been created by SEGA. As the name implies, you manage a football team by choosing the players, trying to win game matches, and the ultimate goal is trying to win a championship match.

The only downside to this simulation game, would be that it does require you to purchase the game before you can download it onto your android phone.

How about you? Ever had the chance to try out any European football games? What’s your top 3 picks for 2018?