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A Beginner’s Basic Guide to European Football

Unless you lived all your life in Europe, chances are pretty high that you would mistake European football for the most commonly known American football. However, you are farthest from the truth since European football is actually the equivalent of American soccer.

To avoid confusion and to set your mind to calling the game its proper name, I’ll simply refer to European football as “football”. Ready? Let’s go!


Football is the most popular sport in Europe with England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain leading the top competition with a team of top players.

Football season runs from August to May every year with more than a hundred teams competing in a multitude of competitions. The most popular of which are the League season, and the Domestic Cup and European competitions.

League Season

The size of the country’s national league can vary from 18 to 20 teams depending on the country’s size. Basically, the league’s pyramid will depend on the relegation and promotion system that has been set in place. By the end of the season, almost no team is left untouched.

Domestic Cup Competition

Depending on the country, the participation rules for the Domestic Cup can vary. For instance, only the top two levels are allowed to compete in Germany while only the top four levels are allowed to compete in both Italy and Spain.

The England Domestic Cup is more open to allowing the top ten levels to compete while France gives total freedom where every team can compete. Winners of the yearly Domestic Cup gets a position in the Union od European Football Association (UEFA) Europa League for the following year.

European Cup Competition

This is divided into the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League. The number of teams from each league that can enter these competitions are determined by a UEFA ranking system.

The overall premise here is that the better the team performs, the better their chance at getting qualified for the bigger competitions.

And there you have it, the most basic guide for a beginner to understand football. Interested in learning more? Become a subscriber to get email updates for any new posts.